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Security comes first

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Send money anywhere

Sending money to partners, friends, family members is now easy whether they have a bank account or not. Buy DMONEY scratch card, send the PINs and the recipient withdraws at ATM. As simple as it is!

Receive money at any time

You want to recieve the money instantly, yeah DMONEY does that. Just tell them to send DMONEY PINs and you have your money at the nearest ATM.

Save or make everyday payments

You can now save your money the same way you recharge your phone. Whether it is Sunday morning, Monday evening all the same. Buy DMONEY, scratch and save.

Dmoney Emergency Cash

The Dmoney cash delivery model is a modern, efficient, unified and unique approach for emergency cash relief. The model provides significant, rapid and cost efficient Documentations and data collection of the beneficiaries than the traditional method as all requires a valid phone number.

Dmoney Cash Redemption

Dmoney Cash Redemption makes it possible for the recipients/beneficiaries Promotion, Rebate and Loyalty cash programs to redeem cash wherever and whenever. Everybody can redeem cash as a beneficiary of such programs regardless of them having a bank account or not, using Dmoney card-less and account-less transactions.

Dmoney Bursary Program

Government at every level can utilize Dmoney as the means of delivering cash programs for Speedy delivery to its indigenes using Dmoney cutting-edge system. Students without going to bank can access their payment regardless of the geographical region.

Hassle-free transfer

  • Your mechanic
  • Mama in the village
  • Cousins in school
  • Your driver's salary
  • Send the PIN & they withdraw cash from the nearest ATM.

Dmoney Dcard

DMONEY scratch card can be sent to anybody. The recipient gets the card PIN by dialing *347*70#. Any functional ATM machine can be used to retrieve the cash by pressing any key on the ATM screen and selecting pay code cash out option, then enter the pay code, pin and amount. The ATM then dispenses the correct amount.

Dmoney Dwallet

DMONEY I-wallet is the fully automated online digital cash wallet services anchored on internet banking platform. The wallet can be used for reloadable virtual cash card, daily contributions, accessing micro loans, bill payments, campus micro-payments and payments for online shoppings.

Network of agents across the country

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the new system of sending money to banked(Those with bank account) and unbanked, (Those that have no bank account) by using PAYCODE & PIN whereby the recipient withdraw cash at nearest ATM, (card-less and account-less!) :

This is an eleven digit secret numbers that are used for cash withdrawal at ATM nationwide without a bank account or debit/credit card (ATM card).

This is a four digit numbers that are used with paycode for successful transaction at ATM.

  • You can now send Dmoney paycode to someone who has no bank account or debit/credit card .(ATM card) and the receiver (he/she) can simply withdraw ATM nationwide.
  • You too can receive Dmoney paycode from someone and cash out at ATM nationwide.
  • Dmoney can also work for emergency situations where you can go to www.dmoney.ng and quickly purchase Dmoney paycode for the purposes 24/7 including Saturday and Sunday

Contact Us

  • +234 802 313 4479
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  • +234 806 120 3088
  • +234 803 786 4781
  • info@dmoney.ng
  • service@dmoney.ng
  • LAGOS: 3/9 Olu Koleosho, Off Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos.
  • KANO: D35 Alhamsad Tower, Opposite Shoprite Zoo Road Kano.

About Us

DMONEY is a natiowide solution that can be used everywhere in Nigeria. People in N igeria want a payment system that is not too formal, fast, accurate and easy, that is DMONEY. Everybody wants a faster, an easier and a safer means of saving, transferring, and withdrawing their money regardless of where they are or what time it is.

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